Who We Are


    Infinite Investments was founded by two Individuals with very similar mindsets: To diversify investments over multiple markets - from real-estate to new companies to innovative products - in an aggressive manner while continually seeking assets which display potential for financial growth.

    Barnes & Adams Investments.


    Kenny and Terry have invested in everything from rental houses, apartment complexes, clothing companies, and property management.

    Barnes Investments

    Adams Investments


    TTM Lifestyle is more than a clothing brand. It's a lifestyle for individuals that chase Things That Matter in their lives. TTM Lifestyle represents a crew of dream chasers.  

    We want our story to be inspirational.

    Our Vision.

    The Infinite Future

    We know that in our journey to become prosperous we will meet likeminded individuals seeking advice on how to begin their own journey to becoming independently wealthy. We want to share our strategy, beliefs, and story as inspiration and encouragement as they take the first steps to obtaining their goals. Our goal is to build an extensive amount of wealth all while staying honest, humble, and maintaining a willingness to help others along the way.

    Infinite Investments LLC.

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    If you have a product, idea, or design that you want to take to the next level, Infinite investments may be able to help. Please contact us - We would love to hear from you!

    Kenny Barnes: kennybarnes8843@att.net
    Terry Adams: Flatlandadams@yahoo.com